Ek Chai Lucknow K Naam


Ek Chai Lucknow K Naam

Planning to explore Lucknow with friends and family. Well hangout plans include three things in top of the list.

– Food

– Shopping

– Spending quality time

Now it this a plan why to wait let’s execute it. Here are top three things that every Lucknowite will advise to go when a person asks what should I do when I will visit Lucknow? “Amma miya esa karna wahan jana to chaat  aur kabab jarur khana”- ( when you go there don’t forget to eat chaat or kabab). When you will ask from college going

“App lovelane na jana bhulna wahan k lastest fashion

 Ka mukabla nai ya aminabad” ( don’t forget to visit lovelane or Aminabad) and when  you will ask someone where to spend evening? He will will say ” Cathedral Church”, “River front”, “janeshwar park” chale jaiyega aapke maan ko acha lagega” (Spend your evening at Cathedral Church, river front or janeshwar park you will feel good).

Summing up all must do things when you go to Lucknow.

Start your day from Harzratganj…..For having best chaat and street food. Royal Cafe for having best chaat. Don’t forget to order Basket chaat- Special advice from me. How can I forget Sharma Chai- Go in morning for world famous

 Tea and bun makhan. Now tea remind me of hot samosas for that Shukla chaats famous Samosas.

See I can’t stop myself from naming places to eat in Hazratganj.

For Lunch you can visit famous Tunday Kabab at Aminabad, though there are many other branches, but mother branch is at Aminabad. Do order Galoti Kabab and Shami Kabab they are very famous. Then why to forget sweet dish you must visit Prakash ki masoor Kulfi.


Now let’s move to shopping before my list becomes large..When you enter Hazratganj don’t say                  “Shopping”. Say let’s do “Ganzing”. Then see the magic of this. So for Ganzing don’t give second guess straight go to “Lovelane” famous street from Britisher’s time for trendy and cheap clothes. You will get number of varieties in all range.

For the famous Chikankari work you can visit Aminabad and Chowk. There you will get large variety of Chikankari work be it color, be it work.

Now after eating and Ganjing it’s time for refreshment for that you can Cathedral Church. There evening lighting and prayers will give peace to your mind soul. Else you can enjoy fresh breeze at River Front with an ice cream. That’s what I usually do when ever I go. IF want to visit some park where you can sit and relax you can visit Janeshwar park. Its experience is amazing

There are many other things to do in Lucknow. Like you can visit famous monuments. One of my favorites is Bada Imambara. I have many childhood memories of this place. It was built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula there is very famous saying behind this “Jise na de Maula use de Asad-ud-Daula” Story behind this is that he never used help poor in free. He used to ask them to work for him in return he will provide food and shelter. So everyday labours used to build the castle with the help of recycled material and the evening again they used to deconstruct the castle to rebuild the castle next day. Isn’t interesting story.

There are many monuments like

So, If you plan to explore Lucknow plan it accordingly trust me it will be fun. Happy exploring.

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