How to increase your Instagram followers organically in 2021?

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Instagram is now known as one of the best platforms to communicate your brand visually and connect with your audience. It is most trusted platform by influencers, marketers and business to promote their brand.

Now Instagram is also used for online shopping platform apart from using to connect with friends. There are now many small businesses of local wanders who are growing big on this platform. Many freelancers are also taking part in growing their business by increasing the engagement on their page. According to research 80% people follow at least one brand on Instagram.

To increase followers on your page you don’t have to spend a single penny. It just you need consistency and patience and it does take time. Try to engage your audience on Instagram with good content this way they will connect with your brand.

Here are few steps which will help you to increase your followers on Instagram.

1. Create Engaging content for Instagram:

Instagram users encourages more on sharing content which are good and giving comments on engagement posts to show their interests. According to studies Instagram posts gets 23 percent more engagement than post on Facebook.

Create more engaging content to catch more audience attention. More engaging it will be more likes and views you will get on posts.

Here are few tips to create engaging content:

  • Upload more video content because according to research they give 38% more engagement to your post.
  • Create that content that your audience can relate.
  • Research on hot topics from twitter, Facebook and YouTube for content.
  • Use the right hashtags to reach more subsequent followers.

2. Schedule your Posts:

After you have created contents for page you can schedule them accordingly to one week to one month depending on how much content you have gathered.

Now comes what time apt for your content to post. It actually varies from industry to industries in which your business comes under.

For example:

Food and Beverage:

Friday at 12 PM

Travel and Tourism:

Friday between 9:00 Am to 1:00 PM

It not like you can’t post on other time. It’s more like you need to do little experiments with your contents to hit more likes.

3. Create a list of Related accounts:

Research on accounts of your competitors and do an analysis by creating list of such accounts. This will help you to strategies your posts. Observe on what type of content more focusing, what’s giving them more engagement on their posts.

This will give you better understating of what trends are in lead currently. Accordingly, you can create engaging content for your audience.

4. Follow your competitors’ followers

After creating list of followers, its time to follow your competitor’s followers. As they are already interested in your industry that’s why they are following your competitors.

Don’t be in hurry work slow and steady in this process. Because you can follow only 50-100 followers per day on Instagram

5. Like and leave comments on competitor’s followers post:

Try connecting a greater number of people to increase engagement. A small gesture of liking and leaving comments on competitor’s followers post will show that you are paying attention to what they are post. This in return also gives you a chance to be noticed.

6. Join an engagement group:

Instagram Engagement groups are basically group conversations within Instagram and also on other platforms. They are called engagement groups because everybody participating in these groups are willing to like and/or comment on other members’ posts in exchange for their own posts getting liked and/or commented.

7. Be Consistent:

Be organized with your posts. This method is must to follow to increase your followers organically. Along with that you need to be little patience. It works but it takes time. Keep focusing on more engaging content creation for your brand.

This method will definitely help you in increasing the follower. Keep doing little experiments with your postings. Don’t stick one pattern try different ways to make it work. There are many Social Media Marketing agencies also who are helping bossiness to grow on social media platform. Similarly, there is one in Chhattisgarh named Elev8 digital Solutions. They are leading Digital Marketing agency in Chhattisgarh. This way you plan for your page.

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